Get ready for the adventure : LL.M preparation

A course preparing us for the LLM, teacher : Miguel Gomes Ferreira  

To begin with, what is an LL.M ? A Master of Laws (LL.M) is an advanced law degree open to those who already have a first law degree (or sometimes some equivalent qualifications).  It is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. It is obtained by completing a one-year full-time program. Many law firms prefer job candidates with an LL.M. degree because it indicates that a lawyer has acquired advanced, specialized legal training, and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment. LL.Ms are now offered in over 40 countries by over 300 schools. In fact, it is very difficult to get an exact count of the number of programmes or even the number of schools offering LL.Ms because new ones are constantly being created. LL.M is either for Americans who want to gain expertise in a specific field after a JD degree (tax law being the most common focus) or for foreign lawyers. Holding an LL.M from an American University make you eligible to sit the New York Bar examination.


Georgetown University, Washington 

Preparing an LL.M application is particularly complex so it is necessary to think about it in advance in order to be as close as possible to perfection. This preparation course gives us the key elements to succeed. The LL.M offer is extremely broad and the advice from Miguel Gomes Ferreira is particularly valuable. He did himself ​​two LL.M in the most famous universities in the world, namely Harvard and Columbia. Such a personalized assistance allows students to be eligible for the best LL.M. It is however necessary to recognize that preparing our fourth year abroad requires a great personal investment throughout the three previous years and cannot be accomplished only through this seminar. A strong involvement from the students is vital, but the only prospect  of an LL.M which is motivating.

Indeed, to make the best use of this seminar, a fully understanding is required. We can ask almost everything to Miguel Gomes Ferreira about the LL.M and he would always be able to answer to us in a very clear way.

The identity of the “Grande Ecole du Droit” is based on the ability of each student to do his best, both for himself and his personal aims, but also to sustain this degree bringing so much to us. Our formation allows us to reach our goal because of the focused seminars a very high standard that we have with renowned professionals.

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