Becoming an expert in : Business English

During the second year in the « Grande Ecole du Droit », there are a lot of courses that are either English courses or courses in English. Among these, we are attending the English class of Mr. Casset. This English course prepares us to the Franco-British chamber of commerce and industry exam.

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Once in the « Grande Ecole du Droit », you understand how important it is to improve your English, because of the truly international aspects of such an academic training. This course with Mr. Casset offers huge opportunities to the people who want to perfect their English training.

Because the exam of the chamber of commerce is the most important aim of this course, lessons and homework have everything to do with the business world. At first sight, it could seem pretty difficult but this lesson happens to be full of life and energy. There is a huge part of class kept for oral practice and the ability for everyone to express himself. On the one hand, this is not one of those lectures they do love so much in French Law schools, but a really interactive one, in which we work on precise, topical subjects. On the other hand, more than a third of the two-and-a-half-hour class is given to oral presentations, prepared by the students. These presentations are scheduled long before and there are two types. The first is a Press Review, where it is about currents events, and the way all the news is used and presented in National English newspapers. And the other kind of presentation is more free, everyone can choose the subject he or she wants. This second one is really interesting for the rest of the class because people in this class all have different opinions, and it offers a real diversity of prospectives : while some talk about the fact that “We are all salmons”, others try to explain the Freudian interpretation of dreams, or the way a 3D printer is working, or even the legend about the Area 51. Besides our practice of oral English, these presentations are a really good way to better get to know the people around us, our classmates, to the extent that everyone has the choice of the subject and can talk about what he or she is interested in.


Seriously, the main goal of this class is not to talk about salmons or Freud but to develop our knowledge concerning the business world and thus to learn all the technical vocabulary in order to pass the exam. Apart from the fact that such a diploma is a real advantage on a resume, it does reveal a high English level (as does the TOEFL or the IELTS), especially in the business world and thus it is a true asset in LL.M applications.

Mahaut Dufour

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