« How I have found a work placement thanks to the “Grande Ecole du Droit” » – Avrile Floro

Work placements are particularly important during studies, especially if you are attending the “Grande Ecole du Droit” because we are supposed to do an LL.M during our fourth year of study. Attending an LL.M that early is a real stroke of luck because most students doing an LL.M are older. The LL.M is often seen as a “bonus” year, and students sometimes hesitate about doing it or not because they have already done five or six years of study. Our advantage compared to them is the fact that our LL.M is included in our further education, which means we do not loose a year in the field of our studies to do it because we are doing an LL.M while we are graduating a Master 1 in Business and Financial Law from the University Paris-Sud XI.

During the second year of study, it is vital to do a work placement during the summer holidays (if we pass our year without catching up) that are from the middle of May until the middle of September. During my Christmas holidays, I began to think about it. At the same time, an older student from the “Grande Ecole du Droit” published an advertisement explaining he was working with the AFJE (the “Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise”) and that the communication department’s manager was looking for a trainee during the summer holidays. This job advertisement was aimed at students in their third our firth years of study. Nevertheless, Gunoi Choi (the student working with them) had spoken about the “Grande Ecole du Droit” during his meetings with the AFJE and it pleased them so much so that they agreed to recruit a second year student as a trainee.


I was very interested in the offer so I wrote my letter of motivation and made a resume. Stephan Baller, who is working as a partner at Ernst & Young, accepted to correct my letter of motivation and my resume to improve them. He did it very quickly although he was very busy in the field of his work (if he reads this article one day, I would like to thank him and Aurélie Bottarie one more time for their invaluable help).


When I sent my letter of motivation and my resume to the AFJE I was anxious, even if Gunou Choi and Stephan Baller were countenancing my application, but I had been contacted again swiftly by the AFJE in order to fix a meeting. When I met them it was very stirring because the communication manager explained the missions to me that I would have to manage and I really believe it is very important to have to reach some goals during a word placement in order to get the more out of this experience

A few days later, the manager called me back and told me that I was accepted as a trainee for three months this summer.

To be continued…

Avrile Floro

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