Presenting the GED to potential future students: challenge faced

As a student of the “Grande Ecole du Droit”, I have taken part in numerous kinds of forums to present our training to potential future students and of course to their parents (because everyone knows that parents, even if they claim they let their child talk, are those who ask more questions).

Education fair 09.03.2014

At every education fair, the « Grande Ecole » won a great success. Students are firstly attracted by the « law school » aspect, law being a little known field because not taught in high school, and thus raising many questions.

Then, students are interested in the «Franco-English» and also international aspect (one of the names of the training is « Comparative and International Legal Studies »). It is the international facet which attracts them. But some students sometimes show themselves cautious, because the diploma is not very well known yet. But we are doing our best to make our course more and more visible and thus attractive (Site Grande Ecole du Droit).

The question that comes up most often is of course about the workload and the time GED students spend to work more than other students. In general, parents accompanying the students are frightened by more workload, whereas I noticed that the students themselves directly consider the benefit that these supplemental subjects might have for them.

But the point which carries the general enthusiasm is the LL.M. This is something that impresses both parents and makes the students dream, images of American campuses immediately coming to their mind.

Another argument that allows me to convince people that the « Grande Ecole » is really the greatest is the partnership with EY (known Ernst&Young), multinational professional services which provides assurance, tax, consulting, and advisory services to companies. This fact especially impresses parents because some them whom probably work in the business as well. The students are more sensitive to the photos taken in the Christmas party for instance, where the « well-dressed » students make a strong impression on them.

In summary, the Grande Ecole is attractive both for parents who are sensitive to the professional appearance and to the very surrounded training, and for students thanks to the international aspect of the diploma.

Funny point to illustrate how wonderful our course is: even though we had hundreds of brochures, we quickly went out of stock.

Coline Vériaux

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