A specific course in an amazing place – The Cube @EY

Two days ago, on the 25th of March, the second year students of the Grande Ecole du Droit were invited to EY’s offices in La Défense, as known as “Tour First”. We often go there but this time, and for the first time, we were received in a different type of room. That is not even really a room because that/it is truly a wide place. There are so many windows looking out onto the ceiling of Paris that it is hard to believe that we are really inside a room: this amazing place is “The Cube”. It is a real privilege to be in the Cube and that was the first time that students from the Grande Ecole du Droit were allowed (to enter it) in. This place is usually used to receive legal department’s managers from international companies.


 The Cube @EY Société d’Avocats

Within the Cube, there are three mighty computerized screens, which are especially useful when you need to explain some difficult points while linking them with another thinking you havealready made. They are very interactive : you can write on them with a stylus and it will be automatically transformed into a Word or a PDF document. This place is wonderful for brainstorming, indeed that is so much aerial, spacious, comfortable and beautiful that the only thing you need to do is thinking. On this occasion, M. Baller explained us in a summarized way (it was our last course with him so it was the perfect occasion to make a sum up in this place), one last time, the keys to lead a project from beginning to end.

The halo of the Cube is impressive because forthwith you are in, you feel that you are better able to think in a valuable way with this perfect environment. Furniture is alsocleverly thought because everything make you feel comfortable and productive. In my opinion, these kinds of opportunities, which give us a chance to become quicker adults, are invaluable. At the university, we are not prepared to be well dressed and to behave in a professional way. But, thanks to the Grande Ecole du Droit, we are used to be studying in amazing frameworks and with renowned professionals. That is definitely what makes us different from other students.

Avrile Floro

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