Why I have chosen the Grande Ecole du Droit

I joined the Grande Ecole du Droit, in 2011. My first interest was to be able to follow courses both in law and english, because if I had already study English for a few years, law was all new to me. But the Grande Ecole du Droit is honestly far different and far better from what I expected. During the last three years, this selective program offers me the opportunities to learn about numerous law subject both in the civil and case law system, to attend seminars on comparative law, to meet law professional from various background. From my perspective, the main advantage offered by this program is the huge amount of information you’re provided with from both teachers and students. If information about the organization and requirements of a LL.M program is not easily available and understandable for an average law student, the Grande Ecole du Droit is exactly the opposite. From the year one, every students in the program is asked to think about what area of law he’s interest in, and then to select English speaking programs all over the world which he could join in his fourth year.  The help and advice of LL.M alumni both teachers and law professionals make this part truly efficient, and I think that the application results from previous years show it.


The third year students with professionals and teachers at the Xmas Party – © Christophe Rabinovici

Another asset of the Grande Ecole du Droit is the student group spirit and cooperation. When law studies in France can be quite anonymous due to the number of students each year. By having 30 students’ classes, the program help students to know each others. The Students Association also boosts this cooperation, which is a big part of being a student of the Grande Ecole du Droit. The association organizes tutoring, meeting with alumni, and trip to foreign countries such as the United Kingdom or Hungary. Moreover, it also allow students from the first to the last year to get involved in the promotion of the diploma, helping acquire soft skill and knowledge on project management, public relations and encourage students to take initiative.

After three years in this program, I have absolutely no regret about my initial choice. The Grande Ecole du Droit offered me numerous opportunities both academic and personal, and helps me build my future. Being a member of the association learned me a lot about teamwork and group organization. I am really grateful to the Grande Ecole du Droit for my admission at George Washington Law School next year.

Alexandre Rodde

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