During our second year at GED, we are lucky to profit from a really interesting partnership with the world known brand Ernst & Young. That partnership gives us the opportunity to attend a project management class with Maitre Baller, who is in charge of Partner-Marketing Enablement, Sourcing & Employer Brand at EY.

Besides the prestige of EY and our excellent teacher, the class offers us a really interesting program. Indeed, even though most of us have already been involved in an important project, we never had the opportunity to work with professional tools in a professional context. Thanks to that class, we will improve some skills and abilities that would be very useful in our future career.

Project gestion

© Christophe Rabinovici

First of all, we will learn how to behave as a manager. How to deal with people? How to lead a discussion? How to organize tables? What are the risks of being too relaxed? How to engage the audience? How to react when someone is trying to spoil a meeting? How to deal with those issues? Maitre Baller will give us some clues and advice that can help us to avoid mistakes. He will use role-playing games in order to create professional situations that would allow us to practice as professionals.

The second aim of this class is to learn how to build a project starting from scratch. The first point is to identify the project’s main challenges. Indeed, those issues are very important: they specify the working area, define the project’s scope and the tasks to work on. But first and foremost, they constitute a kind of major rule that may help to deal with any disagreements within the team. Then, the next step is to achieve our obligations regarding those challenges.

More than theoretical stuffs, it helps me a lot to have a clear (or at least, less confused) idea of the project progress. For instance, we did used those technics to define more accurately our goals with this blog. From there, communication within the team has been easier and consistent with the project.

Mahaut Dufour

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