Start of the school year – a crossed description made by two first year students

Entering the premises of Ernst & Young was probably the moment when we all understood what were the privileges of our specific diploma.

In fact, what is different with being in the GED is actually the close contact and the direct familiarity that is offered to us with the professional framework that we are able to frequent regularly. Thus we often go to Ernst & Young to attend useful and gripping seminaries held by Mr. Baller in person.

Rentrée EY

© Christophe Rabinovici

Therefore, the first time we entered Ernst & Young was of course very important. It was the first contact, the first familiarization with the professional world (not to mention the beautiful and very modern premises that Ernst & Young offer). For these reasons, it is not a constraint but a pleasure to attend all the reunions organized by Ernst & Young. Moreover, we are always welcomed the best way possible (from start to finish) so that at the end of the day we leave with a pleasant feeling and an eagerness of coming back once more.

This anticipation of this professional contact is therefore optimally offered to all of us thanks to Mr. Baller and his will to blossom the formation we are in.

Mathieu Mestre

Before the beginning of the classes, we first met the other students on September, 13th. For this occasion, our EY partner, Mr. Baller, invited us at the Tour First, in La Défense. Unfortunately all of us could not attend, but at least ten first year students could admire the beautiful view on Paris, from the highest French skyscraper. It was though very impressive, and made a lot of us dream of having our own office in this building one day…

Some of our professors were here too. They presented us the precise program of the courses, and their expectations. They are always paying attention to a certain GED spirit. That is to say that GED is different from the mainstream: because we are a small number of students, we can create and maintain a strong network of personal and professional relationships, all along the years.

We saw the strength of this link with the older students of the GED, but also with those who succeeded with their LLM. We could ask them our questions. We felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but we had such an easy access to our professors and former students, during the meeting and after, that this reassured us about this new and somewhat strange life.

On the next morning, we had a second meeting, less formal, organised by the AEGED, the Students Association of the GED. The President of the association explained to the new students the “GED spirit”, from a student point of view. A lot of activities would be realised in common in order to socialize and share our experiences: an integration day, a trip in a European city in June…

Rentrée EY 2

© Christophe Rabinovici

Moreover, we elected the management members of the association, and we drew lots for the name of our personal godfather or godmother. These students are our privileged contact. We can ask them anything, they guide us in this huge life change and cultural shift: become a university student in a top-notch course.

All fear or embarrassment has disappeared now, replaced by excitement, and all the L1 students will be happy to welcome and sponsor the French (and maybe, but we hope so, foreign) newcomers next year!

Clémence Lamy

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