Xmas Party 2013 @ EY Société d’avocats

On the 18th of december took place the third – and hopefully not the last – edition of the christmas party in Ernst & Young’s premises. This annual and hearty meeting was held by Mr. Baller which invited all GED classes from the L1 to the M2 to come and join him in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere despite the exams approaching for many.

The christmas party was of course the occasion to welcome back the students who had proudly left for their LLM all around the world. In this respect, each student concerned received their diploma from the hand of Veronique Magnier who, we could tell, was undoubtedly proud of her students.


© Christophe Rabinovici

Moreover, it was also the chance to present concretely the GED and its spirit to the young L1 who were discovering the Ernst & Young tower. This way, Mr. Baller, Mme. Magnier, Mme. Abadie and all the other professors alternatively held a speech summarizing what is the GED, but also giving us their impressions on the beginning of the school year, without of course, forgetting to wish a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

The night continued with a common buffet, which gathered all generations including all professors around a glass of champagne and delicious dishes. Therefore, it was not surprising to see all the students (whatever year they were in) sharing their experience and impressions, giving advice or even just having good time altogether.

To sum up, the Christmas party 2013 was a joyful reunion making studies, team spirit and friendships intertwined. The Christmas party marks a necessary break from classes and allows a full reunion of the GED, essential for its development and its retention as a welded group. For these obvious reasons, we hope that this new ‘tradition’ will continue!

 Mathieu Mestre

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