What does it mean to be a GED student ?

The 2014-2015 promotion of the Grande Ecole du Droit is mainly composed of people from the scientific branch in high school. Others are from the economic branch while the literature one is the less represented. How have these students discovered this very special curriculum ?

The usual process to access a school after the baccalauréat is APB (Admission Post-Bac). Many of us have discovered the GED through this process. APB is a huge website with many interesting formations but the choice is very broad. Only short periods of time are given to pupils to make a decisive choice. This is the case of Opale who was interested in learning French-English law and joined the GED, « without really knowing the prestige of the partnership with EY and the famous LLM ». She has discovered that the GED is more than just a French/English law training. Similarly Lucie and Salomé « explored the depths of APB » and went to the open day of the university « to seek information directly from students. »


The first year students of the ‘Grande Ecole du Droit’ at the 2014 Christmas Party – © Christophe Rabinovici 

Many students have found this training at the forum of trades from their school, such as Héloise:

« At the open day of the Jean Monnet university, some students of the GED were there to explain what the GED was. I discovered it by chance. It was exactly what I wanted. So I immediately decided to choose it on APB, and I got in. »

Thus, the GED is enjoyed by all of us. It is thanks to the hard work of the students working to promote the formation that many people applied to the GED. However, only a few students were selected.

Some students were aware that they wanted to study law for a long time, others simply had a less clear idea of their course choice. The common point they all had was that they decided to join the GED. Why ? Mostly because they saw it as an opportunity to have an international formation.

« One of my priorities in my law studies was to be able to have an international training. I was eager to keep practicing my English and being able to discover foreign cultures through my studies ». (Doriane, GED1, ES)

Even if we aren’t all fully at ease with the concept of the LL.M, the courses we follow enable us to fulfill our knowledge in term of international issues.

« One of our subject is called American Law. I find it really interesting. We can see how the American society was built up through time ». (Salomé, GED1, S section européenne)

Moreover the English class seems to be a good compromise to strengthen our basis but seems also to be a reassuring subject among the new subjects in the beginning of the first semester. In the same logic, the partnership with EY enables us to see our knowledge through a professional aspect.

« When we begin our studies which are supposed to last for a long time, we can easily forget why we study so hard. The meetings that we have on a regular basis at La Defense [ndlr. we have meetings with EY partners to learn us how to develop soft skills] remind us why we are here. » (Lucie, GED1, ES)

This partnership is a way to become independent and begin to feel confident in our training.

« This partnership enables us to have an interactive approach.  [At EY offices, several conferences with general counsel, lawyers are organized for the students] We can discover the different jobs in the law branch. The conferences with EY give priority to the oral aspect. » (Tom, GED1, S).

« This partnership enables us to leave Sceaux for a few hours and meet professionals. We enter slowly in the grown-up world. » (Héloise, GED1, S)

By Elise Wagner, Juliette Tironneau and Camélia Maire

Written by Elise Wagner and Juliette Tironneau and Camélia Maire