A GED1 interview : Flora Boillaut

  • How did you discover the GED?

Very early, I knew my future job would imply the English language in order to be capable of studying abroad, and then, living abroad. I decided to gather information about law studies since I am a literary person who loves to write and argue. However, I wanted a university course which stands out, so I searched all the different possibilities to study law. I found double degrees that allowed me to both learn law and develop a high level of English thanks to a magazine which listed available courses. I immediately understood that this totally fitted my expectations and I went deeper into my research until I found the Grande Ecole du Droit on the Jean Monnet University’s website.


Flora Boillaut (GED1) performing at the Lysias competition in March 2015 – © Christophe Rabinovici

  • What do you think the partnership the Grande Ecole du Droit has with EY brings ?

The partnership with EY is an advantage and a necessary tool for our professional insertion. It allows us to be aware of what our future employers expect from us. We drop our high school « naivety » to finally see the concrete world, that is the professional world. Nowadays the labour market asks us more than ever to trust ourselves, and to distinguish ourselves from others. This is not taught in high school. This is why the partnership with law professionals helps us to understand how we can overcome our fears and apprehensions (for instance, talking in public). We also learn how to act professionally from the very first year of our course: we are helped and advised for writing CVs and motivation letters.

Also, at the beginning of the second year, EY helps us to choose our LL.M, from the creation of our registration form to the choice of the University. Thanks to EY, we benefit from their experience and their professional vision. This partnership is a plus from a professional point of view but also from a human point of view, because it allows us the meet other lawyers as well as other students.

  • According to you, what does the GED allow you to do ? What do you think you want to do after it ?

The GED is a course made to suit people aspiring to pursue an international career. It allows us to meet professional lawyers and counsellors. Also, it enables students to discover numerous other jobs related to law studies. Of course, the LL.M is the main objective as it allows us to study a whole year in a university abroad, thanks to the language courses, the professional formation and the help of EY. Finally, I think the Grande Ecole du Droit encourages a certain form of open-mindness with different courses that we don’t study in lecture hall (international relations or American law for instance), which are less academic because they are not meant to be learned by heart : they are more based on reflexion and research.

After the GED, I would really want to aim for an international career. I’m still hesitating about the domain: humanitarian law or international relations (diplomacy…), but I still have one more year to decide. Anyway, my objective in both cases would be an international organisation such as the UN or the Word Trade Organization.

Interview by Camélia Maire