A GED2 interview : Raphaël Galvao

Between two essays at the law school’s library, Raphael Galvao, General Secretary of the AEGED (l’Association des Elèves et anciens élèves de la Grande Ecole du Droit) and second year student, granted us a little time, at the beginning of the second of semester, to answer our questions. Here is for you the transcription of this interview.

With his usual nonchalance, which in reality dissimulates a tremendous seriousness, the iconic Raphael answers our first question.


Raphaël (right) at an EY event – © Christophe Rabinovici

– His background –

Juliette Musso & Emma Laudinat: let’s talk about your background : where do you come from ?
Raphael Galvao: I’m from a ‘terminale L’ (literature), that I did at the Blaise Pascal Lycée in Orsay.

– Raphael as a member of the GED2 –

JM & EL: Why did you choose to study at the Grande Ecole du Droit ? Why this choice and not another?
RG: Why not ? (laughs). I was sure I wanted to study law, and I was good in English. I learnt of its existence at the ‘forum des lycées’, and I sent my application.

JM & EL: You undoubtedly had a successful first year, and stood out thanks to very good grades. What were the causes of this accomplishment: was it thanks to your natural capacity of understanding or hard and dedicated work?
RG: Both. Hard work is necessary for every student to succeed at the university.

JM & EL: According to you, what are the main qualities or skills needed to succeed ?
RG: I think a law student should have a quick understanding of the problems and must have capacities to synthesize.

JM & EL: Is the second year harder than the first one in your opinion? Any advice for the future students on their organisation?
RG: Yes it is definitely harder, but possible, you need to work more, not because the amount of work is bigger, but because the principles, the logic are more complicated to assimilate. Only one word: courage!

 – Raphael as a member of the AEGED –


Raphaël (front) surrounded by other GED students in 2014

JM & EL: Last year, you were elected General Secretary of the AEGED with the team composed by Camille Grimaldi (President) and Lamine Camara (Treasurer). How was this board constituted?
RG: Camille and Lamine offered me this position, to join their team, because Alexandre (a GED student who is currently doing his LL.M) proposed my name to them. Furthermore, Camille wanted a GED 1 student in her list to bind all the generations together through the association.

JM & EL: Is the team efficient? Do you all work well together?
RG: Yes, we are a pretty good team and we all get along very well.

JM & EL: Why did you want to become the next General Secretary of the AEGED? Why were you convinced that you were the perfect candidate?
RG: I like power (laughs). Actually it was to participate more efficiently in the association, to have a true and important role in it and to know all the new projects of the AEGED. I did not want to be the President or the Treasurer. Therefore, the position of General Secretary of the AEGED seemed to fit me the best.

JM & EL: What are you missions, tasks?
RG: I am in charge of all the paper work, I am the President of the general assemblies, I write the reports, the minutes of the general assemblies, I inform the prefecture every time there is a change in the association’s statutes. Also, I am the only one to have the key to the association’s mailbox. Finally, as a member of the bureau, I am aware of the new projects of each team: the digital project, the promotion one…

JM & EL: What qualities does a general secretary need to have?
RG: Essentially, a General Secretary of the AEGED needs to be patient.

JM & EL: Do you plan on running for re-election next year?
RG: I seriously doubt that I will. Actually, this job is perfect for someone in the first year of the GED: it is a great move to integrate them to the association. I’d rather leave my role to the youngest of the GED team.

 – Raphael as a future worker –

 JM & EL: We have already talked of the past and the present, let’s now talk about your plans for the future. What LL.M do you plan on doing?
RG: My first choice is to do a general LL.M in Canada at UBC in Vancouver or McGill in Montreal. My second choice is to do a specialized LLM in international criminal law in England or in the Netherlands.

JM & EL: Where do you see yourself in ten years? In 30 years?
RG: In my own law firm: Cabinet Galvao and Inc. I want to be my own boss, I want more freedom than the one I expect I’ll have if I work for someone.

Thank you for your time! With these last few words, Raphael left just as he arrived.

By Juliette Musso & Emma Laudinat