Meeting with young lawyers from Deprez & Guignot law firm

Each year in Feburary is held an open house event at the University of Jean Monnet Paris XI. It is the occasion for students to present and describe their university to highschool students and to their parents. This year, motivated pupils from the Grande Ecole du Droit once again had the chance to represent their diploma during the event.

It appears that many parents come to this open house event for it is the occasion to collect information on the university but also on the specific diplomas offered at the Law school.

The Grande Ecole du Droit students presenting our diploma to potential applicants

The Grande Ecole du Droit students presenting our diploma to potential applicants

Thus, during their presentations, some of the students met by sheer luck a parent who was greatly interested in the innovative concept proposed by the Grande Ecole du Droit. Very curious and enthusiastic about our diploma, he later admitted that he was himself an associate lawyer specialized in intellectual property and media law.

Obviously fond of the project into which we fit, Maître Fauchoux kindly offered us the possibility to meet professionals from his cabinet d’avocat in order to ask any question we had on the lawyer profession, which was still vague and abstract for many of us. The aim was to organize an informal meeting between GED students (from any year) and young lawyers from the cabinet to discuss more naturally with true professionals and freely ask questions.

Therefore, on April 9th, a dozen students gathered to go to their premises situated in the 8th arrondissement in Paris not far from the Champs Elysées. Once arrived, we were welcomed in a room that had been specially reserved for this student-lawyer meeting.

From this point on, 5 lawyers aged from 24 to 30 each presented themselves to us and described their speciality among the cabinet. We even learned that some had been exercising for only 2 years ! The advantage was that they were very young and therefore, they were perfectly aware of the existing means and difficulties to exercise as a lawyer.

Hence, each alternately exposed their experience and answered all the questions from students which were as well about the profession of a lawyer as on topics such as an LLM and Erasmus. Doing so, an important part of the meeting focused itself on the modalities and preparation of the Paris Bar exam. This information was very useful to the students who eventually aspire to become lawyers or for those who intend to pass the Paris Bar exam anyway.

Finally, they gave us precious advice on how to choose the correct internship and reminded us that doing an internship was fundamental to apply for our LLM, but also for a good Master 2 when we will return from abroad.

The Grande Ecole du Droit students with the Deprez & Guignot lawyers

The Grande Ecole du Droit students with the Deprez & Guignot lawyers

For all the aforementioned reasons, we can say that this meeting was very helpful and enriching for the students present. We thank again Maître Fauchoux for organizing such a meeting and of course all the young lawyers who kindly accepted to give us their time and share with us their experience. Also, we were offered to reiterate the experience next year, so for those interested : stay tuned !

                                                                                                                                By Mathieu Mestre