The LL.M Roadshow : a key to our future

Who am I ? This is the question that every student who attended the 4th edition of the LL.M Roadshow had in mind at the end of the conference.


Mai at the LLM Roadshow in 2015 © Milan Szypura

Being a third year student at “La Grande Ecole du Droit” means that leaving for the LL.M is just few months away. Our choices are narrowed down but there are still so many questions. Questions that we were able to ask directors and deans of different LL.M programs. This is why the Roadshow has become a tradition event for our degree. The students of “La Grande Ecole du Droit” have the chance to attend the meeting each year so the interrogations differ depending on how far the departure is. Indeed, first year students often wonder what is an LL.M ? How will it help my future career ? Second year students have more precise inquiries, where to go ? Specialized or general LL.M ? And for my classmates and I, new considerations arise, what about scholarships ? Should I take the Bar exam ? Every single one of these questions were answered at the conference not only by the professional panelists but also by former LL.M students that were there to share their wonderful experience with us. This part is always interesting since they have been through all of this. We could ask them more practical questions. For instance on how to find our accommodation or the social life in an LL.M. They talked about the advantages of the LL.M and about some negative aspects as well, so we can know what to really expect.


Mai at the LLM Roadshow in 2015 © Milan Szypura

To conclude, from my first Roadshow to my last before leaving for the LL.M, I would say that the essential question that we, future LL.M students need to answer to is, what do I really want ? And this is a question that requires time and reflection in order to find the perfect LL.M program.

By Mai Le Van



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