The transcript mission

At the moment, you must be wondering « What is she talking about? A transcript mission ?». Well, don’t worry this article is the answer to your questions.

Mélissa (in the middle) with Mathieu and Salomé, two other GED3 students, at an EY event  - © Christophe Rabinovici

Mélissa (in the middle) with Mathieu and Salomé, two other GED3 students, at an EY event – © Christophe Rabinovici

I was assigned to do this particular mission on behalf of my entire class. As you already know (or not, that’s not a shame!), the students of the « Grande Ecole du droit » are going abroad to study an LL.M during the 4th year of their education. In order to be accepted in the universities, we must, above all, work on our applications, which include the redaction of personal statements, résumés, letters of recommendation, transcripts etc.

Now, that’s not always a pleasant cruise! But it is absolutely essential to do it properly. Indeed, even if working on your application is an enriching experience (you may learn a lot of things, even about yourself!), it’s better if your application is accepted. And it will be, only if you take the time to prepare it very well.

You still have no idea what the « transcript mission » is ? Come on, I left you a clue ! All right, I’m going to explain it right away. For the application, you need your transcripts. They are basically the translation of your French « relevés de notes ». Now you understand that these French « relevés de notes » must not only be translated but also to be signed by the head of studies and student life in order to be authenticated. If not, it would be too easy to turn yourself into the best student of the university !

In order to help the person in charge of signing the numerous transcripts, a student of the «  Grande Ecole du droit  » is elected to collect the entire class’s transcripts and bring them to the administration. I know what you’re thinking « That’s an easy job; she only has to gather some papers and be polite when she drops them off!  ».

Well, that’s not as easy as you think. First of all, I had to explain to my class how to fill out these transcripts : Yes, they had to enter basic things such as their names, date of birth or marks. No, they are not idiots (iquite the opposite, believe me), but still, this step rose a lot of questions. I felt like I became a renowned business women answering their message!

The second step was the most difficult: I had to collect all the transcripts. Between the ones still wondering how they should fill in the form because what I told them was apparently not as clear as I thought, and the others doing internships abroad or already on vacation, I learnt what patience and self-control really meant  !

Then I had to check if there were any mistakes in their transcripts. At this moment, I really had a hard time not pulling my hair out! Indeed, there were some mistakes and I had to ask some of my classmates to do it aaaaall again.

Even if it slightly postponed the deadline, I did it (well in fact we did it, my classmates and I)! I was therefore able to drop off the transcripts. From here, everything has become much simpler because the head of the studies and the student life and her secretary were very friendly and attentive. Thus, our transcripts were ready in time and I only had one task left (the easiest one): return them to their rightful owner.

I’d like to conclude this article by giving advice to the future students who’ll be in charge of this mission:

  • Come to me if you have any question: I’m now an expert about transcripts!
  • Explain things as clearly as you can: that’s not always the others’ fault if they don’t understand!
  • Be patient: this is really essential, believe me!
  • And finally, do it because you really want to help your class with this task: you’ll see that you’ll even be rewarded! Indeed, and this is the best part of this mission, your friends, aware of the work that you’ve done for them, will come to tell you how thankful they are. And this is because in the « Grande Ecole du droit », mutual aid and friendship are two substantial words.

By Mélissa Vinçon

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