Tips & advice to organize an integration week-end (called WEI by students)

First of all you have to find a place to stay for the week-end, at least one night and it is not easy mostly because of your shoestring budget (a student budget is by definition very small) and because most owners are afraid to rent to a large group of students. Indeed they fear to find their place completely ravaged. So, you have to be patient and have a strong competence in negotiation to find the perfect place to rent for the WEI. Then you have to rent one or more buses to transport everyone (for more advice, please contact Manon Bourdin, the GED student who did this task). With the price of both, you can make a budget that every student who wants to attend the WEI will have to pay (to have an order of magnitude, our was 70€ per person), write a document to inform the students of the price, what is included in it, what they have to bring, documents they have to give, internal rules they have to sign … (to have the document written by Manon Bourdin and Héléna Chéron GED students please contact them).


Students just arriving at the WEI.

Well, when you’ve done all this research and reservations, more fun is yet to come for the organisers of the best WEI ever. First, you have to assemble a team of motivated and wacky people to find activities to do during the WEI. Then, make sure that the whole team agrees on how they want their WEI to be. For example we’ve chosen that everyone would participate so even those who were organizing it will do the games. You can also prefer the organization team to monitor the group, explain the games and be arbitrators.

You now have to find ideas of games that the students, divided in teams, will play. For example, you can make an obstacle relay course where people have to eat horrible things, crawl through mud, be attached to someone else with duct tape, run in a trash bag … be creative ! Our best discovery (found by Mathieu Mestre another GED student) was to install a very large plastic tarp covered in soap and water so the students could slide on it lying on their stomach (please watch Tom Guelimi’s video of the WEI to really understand how we did it). You can also organize a song contest, you find themes, give a theme to all the teams who all have five minutes to find a song and a choreography linked to theme and then each team sings and dances alternately and the judges give points to the best team.


Students who have just won a game.

You can also pick a theme and impose it to the students who will have to dress up in respect to the theme for the party and even create the games and name the team in reliance with the theme (Please contact Marie Vesperini, Lara Garrido, Tom Guelimi, Héléna Chéron, Mathieu Mestre, Camille Guyot, Mathilde Masmonteil, Juliette Musso, Salomé Garnier – GED students – or Arnaud Le Teurnier and Yohann Moreau students from the Bi-cursus Droit-économie of Assas if you are short of ideas, there were the ones in the team of organization who had participate to find activities … ).

Then, you have to go shopping to buy food and drinks. It is not so easy to do with a very short budget, so don’t forget to compare the price per kilo or per liter and to go to a cheaper supermarket for example “Metro” (wholesale supermarket) but you need to have a specific member card (ask Héléna Chéron to know how to get the card). Make sure that in your shopping list you haven’t forgotten to add flour, whipped cream or things with which you can make a battle and face paint or other things to know who is in which team !

After that, grab a team of at least six people to go shopping because you will need at least six shopping carts for all of your purchases and obviously you need at least one (or two) car(s) with a big trunk. (Our team was made up of Héléna Chéron, Manon Bourdin, Mélissa Vinçon, Eléna Auclair – GED Students – and Yohann Moreau and Arnaud Le Teurnier – Bi-cursus Droit-économie of Assas students).


Flour battle between students at the WEI.

Finally, to make sure everyone remembers the evening party and dance together you need very good speakers and a playlist that could satisfy the tastes of each and everyone of the students. (If you need advice on playlist making please contact Yohann Moreau and Victor Laisné, students from Bi-cursus Droit-économie of Assas who did it for us). Having a great sound can be expensive, but if you find an individual renting professional material it can be cheaper and you can ask the students coming to the WEI for a deposit divided between them.

Have fun and enjoy your WEI.

By Elena Auclair

Vidéo by Tom Guélimi