American Contract Law, an original and unique teaching

If you’re tired of the theoretical courses of French law schools, the course « American Contract Law » is made for you!


Professor Fred Einbinder © Christophe Rabinovici

Today’s topic is about Contract Law, or a very original course that makes the Grande Ecole du Droit so unique.

Indeed, during the second semester of our second year at the Grande Ecole du Droit, we attend classes of American contract law (in English of course) taught by the American Professor Einbinder, lawyer at the Illinois Bar. Through courses and also presentations given by students every week, Professor Einbinder gives us the opportunity to explore the nuances of American Contract Law and compare them with French Contract Law.

But what made this course so exciting for us, GED students — or as he likes to call us, “GEDi students” — was the mounting of a mock trial out of a very famous case in the United States on Mergers & Acquisitions: Texaco, Inc. v. Pennzoil Co.

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The afterworks are back !

Afterwork © Christophe Rapinovici

The GED students at the afterwork © Christophe Rabinovici

Last tests are being made on the microphone. Latercomers tiptoe into the room. It’s time for everyone to take a seat. It’s time for the first afterwork of 2016 to start. The afterworks are becoming a custom for the GED student. It’s an evening to meet and exchange with professionals. Of course, an afterwork wouldn’t be complete without a buffet where the students can learn the value of networking. But the concept itself underwent some transformations. Five GED students (Opale Malet, Manon Bourdin, Chloé Dumont, Flora Boillaut and myself) indeed worked on the afterworks project for several months in order to get it back on feet again.

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