The afterworks are back !

Afterwork © Christophe Rapinovici

The GED students at the afterwork © Christophe Rabinovici

Last tests are being made on the microphone. Latercomers tiptoe into the room. It’s time for everyone to take a seat. It’s time for the first afterwork of 2016 to start. The afterworks are becoming a custom for the GED student. It’s an evening to meet and exchange with professionals. Of course, an afterwork wouldn’t be complete without a buffet where the students can learn the value of networking. But the concept itself underwent some transformations. Five GED students (Opale Malet, Manon Bourdin, Chloé Dumont, Flora Boillaut and myself) indeed worked on the afterworks project for several months in order to get it back on feet again.

For this afterwork on aerospace and aeronautics, we had the pleasure to welcome several panellists from different structures as diverse as Safran, a society specialised in aeronautics with a significant role abroad; LPLG Avocats, a legal office; or the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales). Some faces were well-known from the GED students since Professor Philippe Achilleas and Charles Bouland, one of the alumni of the GED, were invited too. The event took place in the Tour First of La Défense (at the premises of EY Société d’Avocats).

After a quick presentation of their career path, they told us about their aspiration for aerospace. Passion for some, happy coincidence for others.

Arnaud Diard, leader of Export control at Airbus France, went on with a presentation about import/export. Maître Laura Dubois explained her occupation step by step when faced with a case. Julien Mariez made us discover the role of the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) regarding the government’s spatial policy, but also more widely its role in the construction of a spatial Europe. Nicolas Chéron then brought his view as an in-house company lawyer within Safran. He highlighted that his work also involved corporate law as well as merger and acquisition. In general, the panellists evoked what brought them to this sector.

Especially for the students who were interested in this branch of law, Professor Achilleas presented his master of law « M2 Droit des activités spatiales et des télécommunications (DAST) », which is one of the best ways to enter this field.

It’s a really fascinating field and it’s really intellectually gratifying, a dynamic field where everyone knows each other just like in a family.

Philippe Achilleas

Professor Achilleas also imagined what space law would be like in 2026. Of course, a two-parts plan seemed obvious for the French law students that we are. During this presentation, we dwelt on the expansion of the spatial community and the « New Space » or entrepreneurial space.

The debates were followed by several questions asked by the students. Maître Laura Dubois talked about women’s share in the legal office. Charles Bouland, an alumnus of the GED, highlighted the importance of the LLM in a Curriculum Vitae.

Finally, full of new perspectives (even though slightly exhausted), the students and the panellists were released and gathered around well-deserved hors d’oeuvres, macaroons and refreshments.

If you enjoyed this event or if you regret not having been able to attend, don’t forget the next afterwork on BTP (Bâtiments et Travaux Publics) taking place in October.

Juliette Tironneau