A flight to the Czech Republic


View from the observatory © Héloïse Vigouroux

In May, after a short but hard year, « Grande Ecole du Droit » students finally left laws and University benches to focus on their new travel destination: Prague. The trip, having been long organized by the « Student life Team » of the diploma’s association, had finally come, for the good of all.

Because of the demanding 22-hours bus trip of our last travel to Lisbon, the students of the Grande Ecole du Droit chose this time, with no hesitation, to travel by plane. Therefore, slightly over an hour after boarding, everybody landed on Czech territory, ready to discover a nice and well-located hostel, a not so bad weather and a wonderful city. Everything was in place for a great week to come.

When arriving in Prague, it seems impossible not to be struck by the charm of the city. The architecture is impressive. The streets are lined with huge but refined buildings with mouldings and colourful facades. The city is divided by a river, the Vltava. On the right bank is the major part of Prague with the Astronomical Clock surrounded by lots of tourists. This area is called the Old Town of Prague. In contrast, on the left bank, you can find a smaller part of Prague, less crowded, where you can see the Prague Castle, perched on a hill.


Grande Ecole du Droit students in front of the John Lennon Wall

During the day, all the students naturally separated in various groups to walk around the city. In the end, everybody ended up visiting the same sites: the jewish district with its several synagogues and the old cemetery, the well-known Clock Square where you can find the Astronomical Clock, the John Lennon Wall, the Prague Castle, the Charles bridge, the observatory and its breathtaking library, and so on. However, during the night, everybody got together to meet and talk in the rooms of the hostel or to go out and dance in the several famous nightclubs of Prague such as the Karlovy Lazne, biggest club of central Europe.

What I will remember about Prague is certainly the jewish district with the magnificent Spanish Synagogue and the surprising and moving Old Jewish Cemetery. I also loved the Czech culinary specialties such as the « goulash », a sort of beef bourguignon, or the « trdelnik », some tasty cinnamon pastries.

What I enjoyed the most was probably the last day we spent in Prague. We walked all the way to the castle, which was pretty high and it took quite a while to get there. The weather was ideal. We had to cross the big and ancient Charles bridge lined with dark statues to reach the other shore of the river. One drawback however could be the amount of people along the way : there were so many tourists! But the walk was worth it and the sloping streets were very pretty, as well as the architecture of all the different buildings surrounding the castle. Above all, the view up there was truly mesmerizing!

Héloïse Vigouroux (GED2)

Such a trip requires a lot of preparation but it is worthwhile. During almost a week, first-year, second-year and third-year students get to spend a lot of time together. It helps getting to know the people you haven’t really spoken with during the year better, and it is also a precious time that allows the third-years to make the most of their last days as students of the Grande Ecole du Droit in France.

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Now, only one question remains: London, Budapest, Lisbon, Prague… Which city will be the next?

Juliette Hueber