A day to change 30 destinies

This year marked for the Grande Ecole du Droit a key point in the evolution of the selection process of its future first-year students. Indeed, Professor Véronique Magnier, head of the course, decided to create a new step in this selection by setting up an admission day, where candidates would be auditioned. Thus, they would be selected, not only on the criterion of their academic results, but also thanks to their personality and their motivation. Encouraged by Professor Magnier, a small group of four second-year students took the gamble to organize this special day.


Professor Véronique Magnier, head of the « GED » © Christophe Rabinovici

Organization of the oral interviews day

Everything began when Erwann asked us if we would be motivated to organize this admission day in the context of the class «Gestion de Projet», taught by Maître Stephane Baller, partner lawyer at EY Société d’Avocats. Although we were aware that it would be far from easy to make the day perfect, we never expected such an amount of work for the preparation. Indeed, about 120 high-school pupils were expected to be auditioned. This meant a lot of preparation, mostly administrative procedures: renting classrooms and amphitheaters, opening access to the parking of the Faculty and mailing the convocations.

The problem was that we had to rely on the French “post-bac selection” computer system, whose results would be given after the Admission day. As a result, the candidates who had been summoned were not all specifically interested in this diploma, but only had the requested results. Therefore, we had to ask the initial 150 chosen ones if they were actually motivated to join the Grande Ecole du Droit. We spent a lot of time on our computers reading and answering e-mails, but we finally managed to get the true potential candidates, reducing the initial number to 120.

The next step consisted in the elaboration of a running order of candidates in front of the different juries. The difficulty of this task relied on the availabilities of each candidate. After exchanging lots of emails with the potential future students, we managed to draw up a list with a real running order.


Members of the juries on their break: Erwann le Noach’ and Julien Blavot Goujon (both right) © Ariane Edery

The current students of the Grande Ecole du Droit were indeed invited to participate to the selection. A lot of them were interested in being part of the Jury so a selection was made to choose who was most suited and motivated. Actually, the candidates were firstly summoned in front of a “Petit jury” (there were 6), which was less formal and composed of current GED students. Those had to share the feeling they had about each student. After this first interview, the candidates had to be confronted to a “Grand Jury” (there were also 6) composed of alumni and teachers, who had to decide whether or not each candidate should be integrated into the course or not.

The final step consisted in the preparation of a buffet to satisfy the appetites of the candidates, their parents, and also of all the organizers along the day. This first needed to estimate a budget, then go shopping at the supermarket and finally cook the «meals».

After all these steps, the Admission Day was ready to be set on the 21st of May 2016.


Culmination of the project: the 21st of May

After several sleepless nights spent on the preparation of the day, the morning of the 21st came. The candidates arrived very early at the Faculty. We were not quite ready yet, but with the help of the organizing members we supervised, we managed to make everything fine for the beginning of the day.

The first students were convoked at 7.50 a.m. as the first interviews with “Petit Juries” began at 8.15 a.m. The interviews lasted about 15 minutes each. The organization team, leaded by Erwann Le Noach’, Adrien Aing and Wassim Mokadem coordinated the hosting of the candidates, the visits of the Faculty and the sale of food and drinks at the buffet. I had the chance to be President of one the six “Petit Juries».


Lunch break, the occasion for everyone to gather © Ariane Adery

Despite all the little mistakes that could have made the candidates and their parents think that this day was not well-organized, everything went well and everybody was happy to share joy and happiness with the teachers, the alumni or the GED students.

When I arrived at the university accompanied by my sister, I was taken care of by first and second-year students who told us more about the Grande Ecole du Droit, the Association of the GED (AEGED) and of course the interviews. Everything was planned so that we would feel confident and that we would go through the interviews in the best conditions. After some very practical pre-coaching, here we go towards juries! I really felt the juries were concerned about my background and made sure to know me as much as they could in 15 minutes. In the end it was a great experience that allowed me to experiment motivation interviews and to improve my speaking skills.

Benjamin, candidate to the Grande Ecole du Droit

As the Sun shone above the Faculty Jean Monnet, the day, along with the last interviews, came to an end. The juries, headed by Professor Magnier, joined to deliberate and establish a list of the candidates who were most likely to join the course at the start of 2016. After hours of deliberations, 30 final names emerged.


Deliberations between the juries (Maître Baller at the back) © Ariane Edery

At the end of the deliberations, Professor Magnier and Maître Baller thanked the whole team and congratulated us for all the work we had put into the organization of this day for the past four months. It was really gratifying.

As the day went by, I got the increasing feeling that the GED was more than what I thought it was. The students took care of me from the very moment I arrived, improvising a « pre-coaching » before the oral and talking to us every time they had a chance. They also gave us a tour around the buildings before we could meet the professors and they had a lunch prepared for us. I first applied to the oral interview because I wanted to follow an interesting course. But my final decision was made during this day which came with the actual wish to be part of this group.

Claire-Emeline, candidate to the Grande Ecole du Droit.

Thanks to the Admission Day, which allowed the candidates and their families to meet the students and teachers of the Grande Ecole du Droit, we can hope this selection process will help broadcast the happiness and the family spirit that reign in the Grande Ecole du Droit, and make it more and more famous!


The Admission Day Organizing Team (Adrien Aing, Julien Blavot Goujon, Erwann Le Noach’ and Wassim Mokadem) © Ariane Edery

NB: The whole team would like to adress a special « thank you » to Mrs. Laure Martineau (assistant to the Director General of University Services) for her complete support, as well as the ushers of the Faculty who gave us access to amphitheaters on a Saturday.

Julien Blavot Goujon