An afterwork on the « Building and Public Works » Sector

As a first-year student in the “Grande Ecole du Droit”, I am not very sure of what type of carrier I want. And because of the new environment, the courses, homework, etc., I don’t really have time to think about what I specifically want to do after university. Thankfully, the Students and Alumni’s association of the Grande Ecole du Droit (AEGED) is always here to set up events to help us figure out what we could do in the future. Last year the project “Afterworks+” was created. It consists in organising afterworks which aim at gathering professionals from a specific area of law in a conference, followed by a networking session around a buffet.


Dorian Revillon d’Apreval at an EY event © Audrey Ailloud

A few months ago, we, the GED students were submitted to a vote to choose a field of law for the next Afterwork+. We chose the BTP (Building and Public Works) sector, which was quite foreign to us.

After months of a long preparation, the organizers started to tease the event by presenting one by one the speakers who were going to attend the event. It was interesting because in the end, we had a really diverse panel of speakers from this area:

  • François Régis Trouvé, legal expert in private and public business law at «SYSTRA». He worked several years for “Bouygues Construction”.
  • Victoria Aquino Werly, lawyer at «Altana», who also worked as a jurist in the Michel Huet, Mellenger & Blandin law firm.
  • Laurence Ballone Burini, legal director of «EIFFAGE Construction». She used to be legal director of “Vivendi Telecom International”.

The event was a success. It was mainly organised for the GED students, but was also open to the public, and many master students were present. All the speakers had different personal experiences and different points of view about the sector of the BTP. Public Buildings and Works sectors seeks a lot of jurists who are essential to the sector. However, only a few are specialized in this area.

Furthermore, we were given many hints and pieces of advice about future carriers, and not only about that sector specifically, which was appreciable. As I said, I personally don’t know what I want to do later, and this event gave me keys to understand how the corporate world works and how to approach it, I learnt a lot from these few hours with professionals. In the end, there was also a buffet allowing us to ask questions directly to the speakers and they were very helpful. Other first-year students were present, and they learnt a lot too!

“I think this event was very interesting and allowed us to discover other kinds of jobs that we hadn’t thought of. Also, the professionals who came were very mindful and answered all our questions. It was a very good experience!”

Emma Bouchiat, first-year GED student

The event was very beneficial and reminded us again how well the Grande Ecole du Droit wraps us in a professional atmosphere, helping us prepare our future and giving us all the cards we need to succeed. I’ve only been here for two months but I am getting gradually confident about my choice, because I am convinced that I couldn’t have gotten all these advantages of that in any other formation.

In the end, I would say that this sector does not really interest me, but I am glad I went to the event because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have learnt this many things, and I could figure out that it wasn’t my core sector! Others Afterworks+ are planned and I will definitely go.

Dorian Revillon d’Apreval