Advice [to the GED students] drawn from my experience

I wanted to write an article, which would hopefully encourage you to take full advantage of your time at the Grande Ecole du Droit.

I began by studying science in high school, because I craved for learning about complex things and systems. However I had more abilities in literary subjects, so I decided not to pursue “hard science” studies.


The famous Flag of the Grande Ecole du Droit © Audrey Ailloud

Before starting my law studies, I knew, however, that I wanted to maintain a “hard science” influence in my work. Therefore, I thought of environmental law as a realm of studies, which would fit my aspirations quite well. The third year in the GED gave me the opportunity to attend the Introduction to Environmental Law course that I really loved. It gave me an interesting insight of the possibilities to combine business law and environmental law in the field of environment.

Another thing I had to go through during my studies, even before university, was my shyness and my fear of speaking in front of an audience. I had to make oral presentations in front of the class. This helped me speak in front of small groups of people. At the same time, I wrote articles on the degree’s blog, which was another way to get involved in the students’ association. In second year, I was given the opportunity to participate in a moot court, where I had to speak in front of more than 50 persons. In the end, it was not that stressful, thanks to the preparation I had, namely the presentations given in class, and the support of the other classes’ participants.

During the second year, we also had to think about our LLM expectations. I was offered to be coordinator for the other students, so that all the information would be centralised. I was the go-between throughout the end of the second year and all the third year. I was glad to see everyone’s progress through their LLM applications.

Thanks to all this, I am studying in the University College London LLM Programme this year, which actually was my top choice. I did not write this post for the purpose of telling a story about my University life, but to encourage each one of you, even the shyest ones, to overcome the barriers you put up to yourselves. Do not hesitate to speak in front of people: if you prepared your speech well enough, you won’t be ridiculous or appear incompetent, and you will even more train yourself to overcome your shyness or your fear of public speaking. Do not hesitate to involve yourself in the association, even if it is “only” by writing articles or by performing more logistical tasks (as planning the annual trip, collecting information to convert them in statistics, or updating the yearbook). Each time you do something, you learn something, even if you might not think so.

Choose what you want to do, work hard in your studies, ask for help if you need it, involve yourself in the association, work your LLM applications in advance to avoid rush, and you should meet your expectations.

Clémence Lamy