RunAssceaux 3.0 : “donnez votre soufflé à ceux qui en manquent”


On Sunday the 24th of September 2017, the second week of my first semester as a first-year law student ended, and assignments were already starting to pile up. And when it comes to school work, anxiety does not fail to follow, and neither does high expectancy of myself.

I could have stayed home, locked up in my room all day, in order to finish (and to be honest, start…) my civil law assignment, due on Tuesday; but I had something else planned for the morning. Indeed, on Sunday the 24th of September, the third edition of RunAssceaux took place. RunAssceaux is a project created by the Grande Ecole du Droit students, which aims at raising funds and support the charity Vaincre la Muscoviscidose (literally Overcome cystic fibrosis). The charity organised once again their annual race/run, the Virades de l’Espoir, in which several GED students participated, myself included.Runassceaux 1

It is thanks to this annual fundraising event that I discovered what cystic fibrosis exactly was. This life-shortening disease is a genetic disease that causes lung infections and, over time, limits the ability to breathe. Each year, families, friends, students and colleagues gather round and run together in an act of solidarity, to show their support and raise awareness about this little-known and yet life-threatening disease.

When I arrived at around 9 am at the Parc de Sceaux, it was crowded: you could feel the overall jovial mood, and we were blessed with a wonderful weather, which made the park itself even more lovely. I eventually spotted the other GED students: some came to run, and others came as volunteers (to make sure the event goes on smoothly). After taking a few pictures, we joined the other runners at the start line, and off we went on our 5-km run!Runassceaux 2

Since I have always lived near the Parc de Sceaux, I was already familiar with the race circuit (although I did discover a few passageways I didn’t know the existence of): among the trees, flowers and lakes, the Parc de Sceaux really is a pleasant place for a morning run. I am not particularly athletic, but I actually enjoy running (as long as I have my music with me): it allows me to clear my mind and I definitely feel much more energetic afterwards. It seems to me that taking some time off from studying and doing some sort of physical activity or hobby (making music in my case, for instance), makes you more productive in the end. Yet, students and actually people, generally speaking tend to neglect physical and mental health nowadays and I believe that’s a shame.

On the whole, I very much enjoyed taking part in this fundraising event. I did my work out of the week, and I received a medal (we actually all did). But more seriousIy, I am most importantly glad I was able to contribute to a good cause. This year, RunAssceaux collected 505€ (thanks to the contributors): this money entirely went to the charity, and I hope it will help create new treatments for the patients, improve their living conditions, and hopefully find a cure.

runassceaux 4

Lizy KIM (GED1)

The 2017 LLM Roadshow

The 6th edition of the LLM Roadshow took place on Friday the 22nd of September. The LLM Roadshow is an annual event that takes place in Paris La Défense, which offers a great opportunity for 150 qualified students from different French law schools and universities to discover universities from all around the world, prepare and improve their LLM project.
The event is also an opportunity to gather university deans, alumni, and future LLM students in order to exchange and get direct information about the different LLM programs offered around the world.

LLM Roadshow
© Christophe Rabinovici

This event is particularly important for us, Grande Ecole du Droit students, as we must start thinking about where we want to go and which program we want to attend in our 2nd year, apply for an LLM during our 3rd year to finally be ready to leave in our 4th year. Thus, the sooner we get all the information we need to prepare a well thought project, the better.

Katia’s point of view:

The 6th edition of the LLM Roadshow was a new experience for me, on many levels.
This year, I got to attend the event for the first time, not only as a future LLM student, there to gather information about the universities of my choice, but also as a member of the organizing team. Indeed, during the summer, Claire Jacquot, Flora Merret (3rd year students) Dorian Revillon d’Apreval and I (2nd year students) were in charge of choosing the schools we would invite, contacting the deans and preparing the program of the event. At the beginning, Dorian and I were a bit lost in how we had to proceed exactly, but we got a lot of help from Claire and Flora who assisted us and clarified our different tasks, and especially from Professor Magnier and Maître Baller who helped us organize and coordinate everything. Step by step, we managed to organize a panel, write the invitations for the deans and draft the program of the evening together.

During the event, the speakers were divided into two different panels. One was composed of deans and people representing the five schools that were being introduced: Georgetown University, Queen Mary University, Chicago Kent College of Law, Cardozo School of Law and Tilburg University.Deans and professors from the foreign university

© Christophe Rabinovici

The other panel was composed of former students of the Grande Ecole du Droit who had come back frstudent LLM roadshowom their LLM. Amongst them were Gaëlle Benoist from Honk-Kong, Mai Le Van from Georgetown, Clémence Lamy from UCL, Caroline Franquet from Leiden and Sandra Isabet, who wasn’t a student of the Grande Ecole du Droit but did her LLM in Uppsala.
© Christophe Rabinovici

In my opinion, having two different panels was very helpful to clarify the vision each and every one of us had of the perfect LLM. The two panels allowed us to separate the information we got from each school, this way we could mentally organize our choices according to the different aspects presented in each LLM program. I personally didn’t know exactly which field I wanted to specialize in, or even which school I wanted to go to for my LLM, but the Roadshow helped me make realistic plans enlightened by concrete information given directly to us and in accordance with our multiple criteria and concerns.

Roxanne’s point of view:

The LLM Roadshow was a very important conference for me, I really couldn’t miss the occasion to know more about the schools I could potentially study at. I must admit that my mind was already made up when I went, my dream being to spend a year in Asia, precisely to study at Hong Kong University for my LLM. I was therefore very pleased to see that in the panel was Gaëlle Benoist, who was the first student of the Grande Ecole du Droit to go there. Nonetheless, I remained open-minded and wasn’t against a change of heart if one of the schools present there came to seduce me.

Before the schools’ presentations, a very helpful website called “FindYourLLM” was Find your LLM's directorintroduced to us. The website gives many details about the different fields and programs offered at the schools, their ranking, the tuition fees, etc. This is very important data in our quest for the perfect LLM. As for me, I know that I will definitely use this website if I come to be more uncertain about my destination or field of study.

Speech from Find your LLM’s creator  ©Christophe Rabinovici

After that, the interventions were obviously all very interesting, the deans spoke about the different LLMs we could find at their school, the average marks required to be admitted (which
vary from one school to another), and the tuition fees for example, which are different aspects of an LLM that will determine our choice in the end. The student panel gave us information about the overall amount of money we would spend in a year, the daily life, and so on.

Finally, I have to say that this conference really helped me make up my mind about where I wanted to go. I know that at the end of the conference, some of my friends couldn’t wait to do their own research about the schools present at the event as they were starting to make serious plans for their LLM. I personally was very eager to ask all the questions I had in mind to Gaëlle, which I did during the following cocktail. By the end of the day I got all the information I needed, and it confirmed my first choice. Now I know more than ever that I want to study in Hong Kong and live what seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Katia Setbel / Roxanne Tsiela (GED2)

My first event at EY

I have to say it was pretty stressfvu d'EYul and quite intimidating to enter the “Tour First”, tallest skyscraper in La Défense. The EY offices are really awesome (especially at sunset) and so huge that I felt tiny! I wanted to make a good impression although I did not really know how to act. We were all well-dressed and quite impatient to discover this world.

             © Christophe Rabinovici

invitée rentrée EYThis year, thanks to the organization and Mr. Baller, two new things were introduced. First, in addition to the speeches of Mr. Baller, Pr. Magnier and Léa Jouannin (current president of the AEGED), a high school student was invited to speak. I was really impressed to see a 17-year-old girl standing in front of a whole crowd, speaking so easily. I would have been too shy to just think about doing that!

© Christophe Rabinovici

Moreover, our parents were invited to join us for this event. I was really proud to show my father what I do – my mother was in India. Besides, seeing my father so captivated by my studies really encouraged me!
Indeed, Mr. Baller and Pr. Magnier presented the LLM and different destinations which made me dream. Moreover, Léa Jouannin outlined the association AEGED. The AEGED is really important and fosters links between different promotions of students, but it also enables us to know how to promote the school or how to create events like this one. professeur magnier et maître baller

© Christophe Rabinovici

Furthermore, I really understood during this event that I am not a high school student anymore. I also understood that I am not only a first-year law student but also involved in EY afterworks, conferences and professional discussions. Indeed, the different speeches helped me to realize that I am now in the active life. The ‘Grande Ecole du Droit’ is not only a law school, it also means important events and meetings with professionals and students.

After the speeches, a cocktail was organized and enabled me to talk with students and parents. It was a good way to learn about the working life and discover other professions. I was really curious but quite shy at the beginning. It was difficult for me to talk with people I did not know. Hopefully, I could count on the other students and we helped each other – after all, we’re all in this together.

This event was very helpful to begin this year with more serenity. The presentation of the GED and the AEGED made me understand what I am going to do and what I will need to face. Each of us at our own level can help and support the association, and that is very motivating and rewarding. Besides, I know we can rely on the other students and on the teachers.

promo GED 1
© Christophe Rabinovici

To sum up, the start of the new university year at EY was important for me and motivated me! It was a really nice and helpful evening, and I am already waiting for the next one.

Agathe Ardisson (GED1)