The Business Law Class

We know that the Grande Ecole du Droit is in constant evolution. The content of the diploma is getting thicker as we go deeper into the practice of law and the discovery of large fields of studies. It happens early during the curriculum and I believe it is a chance. Several new classes were introduced this year, such as Financial analysis and Business law.

The business law class was built entirely by Professors Harris and Magnier last summer. Me and the other GED2 are the first ones to experience it – thus, we are sort of ‘pioneers’. I admit that to me, it has been a huge surprise. The class is divided between the two professors: while Professor Harris puts the focus on the vocabulary and the analysis of business law related articles, Professor Magnier studies business law cases with us, such as the BNP Paribas case or the Google case.

During the first semester we studied Globalisation, European Law with the impact of the ECJ, European Competition and Regulation, Business ethics and shareholders value. It was very interesting, and far more than a simple introduction to Business Law. The class gave us the keys and tools to understand the course in its globality. Moreover, because Business Law is one of the biggest assets of the Grande Ecole du Droit, I am convinced that discovering it throughout the second year is perfect timing. Thanks to that, we have the information we need to choose our anticipated Master courses in the best way. Therefore, it allows us to secure the coherence of out project.

We also had the opportunity and honour to have an alumnus (and now the co-director) of the Grande Ecole du droit give us an introduction to Tax law, which was absolutely awesome. Tax Law being one of the most interesting but also blurriest fields of law, it was great to have a short glimpse of what it is. We studied Google’s complex financial package, which was pretty hard to grasp, but it was thrilling to understand such complex concepts! I think we wouldn’t have understood it if the course had taken place at the beginning of the semester. It was perfectly fit in the rest of the course: every element is there to give us the understanding of Business law in general.

As I said, this new Business Law course is a real chance for us. As it is taught by great teachers, it is a true asset for the students and a great window to the Business world in a legal point of view. During the second semester, we will focus on multinationals and tax issues, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, intellectual property and environmental issues. These will be taught by our professors, but also by alumni or external teachers.

I can’t wait to discover those subjects with professors Harris and Magnier and I know that they will be very interesting and fulfilling.

Dorian Revillon d’Apreval, GED2