The 2017 LLM Roadshow

The 6th edition of the LLM Roadshow took place on Friday the 22nd of September. The LLM Roadshow is an annual event that takes place in Paris La Défense, which offers a great opportunity for 150 qualified students from different French law schools and universities to discover universities from all around the world, prepare and improve their LLM project.
The event is also an opportunity to gather university deans, alumni, and future LLM students in order to exchange and get direct information about the different LLM programs offered around the world.

LLM Roadshow
© Christophe Rabinovici

This event is particularly important for us, Grande Ecole du Droit students, as we must start thinking about where we want to go and which program we want to attend in our 2nd year, apply for an LLM during our 3rd year to finally be ready to leave in our 4th year. Thus, the sooner we get all the information we need to prepare a well thought project, the better.

Katia’s point of view:

The 6th edition of the LLM Roadshow was a new experience for me, on many levels.
This year, I got to attend the event for the first time, not only as a future LLM student, there to gather information about the universities of my choice, but also as a member of the organizing team. Indeed, during the summer, Claire Jacquot, Flora Merret (3rd year students) Dorian Revillon d’Apreval and I (2nd year students) were in charge of choosing the schools we would invite, contacting the deans and preparing the program of the event. At the beginning, Dorian and I were a bit lost in how we had to proceed exactly, but we got a lot of help from Claire and Flora who assisted us and clarified our different tasks, and especially from Professor Magnier and Maître Baller who helped us organize and coordinate everything. Step by step, we managed to organize a panel, write the invitations for the deans and draft the program of the evening together.

During the event, the speakers were divided into two different panels. One was composed of deans and people representing the five schools that were being introduced: Georgetown University, Queen Mary University, Chicago Kent College of Law, Cardozo School of Law and Tilburg University.Deans and professors from the foreign university

© Christophe Rabinovici

The other panel was composed of former students of the Grande Ecole du Droit who had come back frstudent LLM roadshowom their LLM. Amongst them were Gaëlle Benoist from Honk-Kong, Mai Le Van from Georgetown, Clémence Lamy from UCL, Caroline Franquet from Leiden and Sandra Isabet, who wasn’t a student of the Grande Ecole du Droit but did her LLM in Uppsala.
© Christophe Rabinovici

In my opinion, having two different panels was very helpful to clarify the vision each and every one of us had of the perfect LLM. The two panels allowed us to separate the information we got from each school, this way we could mentally organize our choices according to the different aspects presented in each LLM program. I personally didn’t know exactly which field I wanted to specialize in, or even which school I wanted to go to for my LLM, but the Roadshow helped me make realistic plans enlightened by concrete information given directly to us and in accordance with our multiple criteria and concerns.

Roxanne’s point of view:

The LLM Roadshow was a very important conference for me, I really couldn’t miss the occasion to know more about the schools I could potentially study at. I must admit that my mind was already made up when I went, my dream being to spend a year in Asia, precisely to study at Hong Kong University for my LLM. I was therefore very pleased to see that in the panel was Gaëlle Benoist, who was the first student of the Grande Ecole du Droit to go there. Nonetheless, I remained open-minded and wasn’t against a change of heart if one of the schools present there came to seduce me.

Before the schools’ presentations, a very helpful website called “FindYourLLM” was Find your LLM's directorintroduced to us. The website gives many details about the different fields and programs offered at the schools, their ranking, the tuition fees, etc. This is very important data in our quest for the perfect LLM. As for me, I know that I will definitely use this website if I come to be more uncertain about my destination or field of study.

Speech from Find your LLM’s creator  ©Christophe Rabinovici

After that, the interventions were obviously all very interesting, the deans spoke about the different LLMs we could find at their school, the average marks required to be admitted (which
vary from one school to another), and the tuition fees for example, which are different aspects of an LLM that will determine our choice in the end. The student panel gave us information about the overall amount of money we would spend in a year, the daily life, and so on.

Finally, I have to say that this conference really helped me make up my mind about where I wanted to go. I know that at the end of the conference, some of my friends couldn’t wait to do their own research about the schools present at the event as they were starting to make serious plans for their LLM. I personally was very eager to ask all the questions I had in mind to Gaëlle, which I did during the following cocktail. By the end of the day I got all the information I needed, and it confirmed my first choice. Now I know more than ever that I want to study in Hong Kong and live what seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Katia Setbel / Roxanne Tsiela (GED2)

Do It Yourself: Organizing an Afterwork


© Ghisléna Ly

A few weeks ago, a project I participated in, came true. Let me explain this amazing afterwork adventure.

At the beginning of April, I was asked to participate at the third edition of the Grande Ecole du Droit ‘s afterwork which was dedicated to intellectual property law and information technology law.

A small team of 6 students was already in place to organize it and I was very happy and honoured to join. When Mathilde and Hind (second year students) told me that I would ensure the event communication in all Parisian universities, to be honest I was a little dubious. Actually, one of my first thought was “oh my god how will I do it? “. However, I decided that I would not quit the project because the team trusted me and also because I couldn’t drop Ghislena, my team worker who had to share this event with me.

During the spring break, I took the bull by the horns and I started to speak of our afterwork to all my friends which are in Assas and Descartes universities. Thus, they included me on their Facebook groups and I was able post the event on their social networks. For universities I didn’t know anybody in, I contacted the administrator of the different law sections which were mentioned on Facebook and I exposed them our afterwork. Luckily, the majority of them replied and let me introduce our event on their facebook pages.

This mission was a true revelation for me. Indeed, I could discover that I really enjoyed contacting people and convincing them of the seriousness of this event.

In addition, by making the opening speech of the afterwork, I could see that I was able to speak in public even if I was very stressed out by the number of people who was listening to me.


© Ghisléna Ly

Last Thursday, after weeks of hardwork, the afterwork on IP/IT law took place at EY Law Firm’s headquarters in La Défense. It was a real success, four professionals specialized in this field of activity were present and hosted the meeting. Moreover, many students coming from different Parisians universities were there.

At the end of the meeting, the guests told us that they enjoyed the afterwork and it was for us the most beautiful reward.

To conclude, this afterwork is the result of a great group cohesion and an incredible investment of all organizers. We are very thankful for EY Law Firm to have hosted this event.

For my first participation to an afterwork I will retain three words: work, happiness and discoveries.

Charline Antignac, First Year Student

Our great tutoring experience

tali alice

Tali and Alice at the annual Grande Ecole du Droit’s Christmas Party in december 2016

From the point of view of the tutor (Alice, GED2)

How we met:

We were students at the same High School (Lycée Hoche, Versailles) but I was in the economic section and Tali was in the scientific section. When I was a first-year student at the Grande Ecole du Droit, I promoted the school in a meeting with High School students. I also posted a message on the High School’s Facebook Group, to give a greater visibility to our formation. Tali later contacted me, and I gladly answered her numerous questions! She finally decided that she wanted to apply and she was very motivated, and we could say that it is from this moment that I became her tutor.

What does this mentorship involves?

Being a mentor first started with helping my student apply to the Grande Ecole du droit. I gave her a lot of precious information about the school itself, for example about the courses, the teachers, the atmosphere… Then, we prepared her application form together: I reviewed her resume and her motivation letter several times, and I gave her valuable tips. She finally managed to be selected for the oral admission, which we also prepared carefully. In the end, she was admitted to the Grande Ecole de Droit, and I could not have been prouder!

Now that Tali is a student, my job is to help her the best I can in several ways: I answer her questions about the courses, I sometimes check her assignments to give her a second opinion, but I also reassure her when she needs an extra push!

What does the mentorship brings to me?

I definitely consider myself lucky to be a mentor of such an exceptional person as Tali. Not only is she my mentee, she also became my friend. We had common personal difficulties, and I have to say that she was a real mentor when I needed her! It is a very enriching and rewarding experience, because she also taught me how to be a pedagogic teacher.

Tali is also my privileged interlocutor when I need information about her promotion, and she allows me to keep up to date. For example, she helped a lot in my project management, which requires to be in direct contact with all the school promotions to collect information.

From the point of view of the tutored-student (Tali, GED1)

How we met:

During my terminale, I was very preoccupied with my scholarship orientation: I had a lot of interrogations, about whether or not going in a preparatory class, apply to Science Po, pursue law studies… so when I saw the Facebook post, which talked about this formation, that I have never heard about, I was very happy to be able to contact Alice. She responded to all my questions, and was very pleased to help me, even though we had never meet before. She helped me with the (very) complicated APB online platform, but also for the oral presentation, and I am sure that I owe her a lot for my admission to the Grande Ecole du Droit.

What does this mentorship involves:

When Alice presented the Grande Ecole du Droit, she gave me information about the courses, the teachers… and most importantly about the « spirit of family » which makes this formation so particular. When I heard that every student had a mentor, it appeared obvious that Alice was going to be mine. During the first semester, she helped me with the transition from high school to university, and I was very lucky to have her by my side. She gave valuable advice about my work method, and was a precious help for the first assignment. As early as the first weeks of class, I was able to organize my work and I was not lost at all in this new environment, which request a lot of autonomy and represent a big change compared to High School.

What brings to me:

Besides the work aspect, Alice became a real friend. During this year, she was always there for me when I was going through hard times at school, or even in my personal life. Alice and I had a lot more in common than just being members of the same university course, and I am very lucky to have her. I think that I can easily say that our mentorship fulfilled all the objectives that I was expecting from it, and I am very happy to think that I am going to spend one more year in the Grande Ecole du Droit with Alice.

Open Day JM 2017

Every year in our university is organized an open day, and this time we were on the other side of the stand. The open day is a great opportunity for us to present our diploma to the high schoolers, and to get recognition. It took place on a Saturday, like every year, on February 25th.

It does not take much time to prepare, we only need to know who comes to hold the stand, and when. The promotion team, in charge of the organization of the day, prepares the list. It is always a great pleasure for our students to come, because it feels so rewarding to make other people discover the diploma we are so proud to be part of. We want to recruit the best students, our next mates, so we take the task very seriously. We prepare ourselves to make a clean oral presentation, fast and efficient, ready to answer every question. We only have our brochure to support us. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., we are here to welcome every visitor. Let’s be honest, it is very tiring!

In the morning, our director, Pr. Veronique Magnier, was there to answer questions from parents and students. She was as glad as we were, and certainly even more, to see such enthusiasm. Also, there was a graduate student, Pierre Delassis, who helped us diversify the presentations. There were not only first year students : there were also second and third year students, this allowed us to give a more global point of view of the Grande Ecole du Droit, from different perspectives.


Dorian’s experience:

“For me, it was a very important and symbolic day. A year ago, I was a visitor, discovering the Grande Ecole du Droit for the very first time, asking questions, with stars in my eyes. Now, a year later, I am behind the stand and am presenting the diploma to the next generation. It felt so exciting! I met many interesting and interested young people, and even saw some students that I had already met in another presentation in a high school. This is what makes us happy, seeing very motivated students, willing to succeed. I will definitely be there next year!”

Katia’s experience:

“Last year I couldn’t come to the open day, so I had to find all the information and answers to my questions online, on the Grande Ecole du Droit website. Even though I found everything I wanted to know about the diploma without any problem, I felt like an internal point of view of the campus and the students was missing. So, when we were given the chance to take part in the organization of the event, I thought it was a very good opportunity to give students the point of view I didn’t get last year, when I was in their shoes. I tried to guide and inform them, to answer their questions about the classes, the student life, and the diploma the best way I could. Overall, I think it was a great experience, we got to meet many interesting and excited students, and I was pleased to give them advice on what could be awaiting them next year. I look forward to renewing the experience!”

We can both say that it was a great experience, it creates a first contact with the next generation of the Grande Ecole du Droit, and we can’t wait to meet them during the admission day.

Dorian Revillon d’Apreval and Katia Setbel, GED1

An afterwork on the “Building and Public Works” Sector

As a first-year student in the “Grande Ecole du Droit”, I am not very sure of what type of carrier I want. And because of the new environment, the courses, homework, etc., I don’t really have time to think about what I specifically want to do after university. Thankfully, the Students and Alumni’s association of the Grande Ecole du Droit (AEGED) is always here to set up events to help us figure out what we could do in the future. Last year the project “Afterworks+” was created. It consists in organising afterworks which aim at gathering professionals from a specific area of law in a conference, followed by a networking session around a buffet.


Dorian Revillon d’Apreval at an EY event © Audrey Ailloud

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The 2016 LLM Roadshow

We could sum up the «Grand Ecole du Droit» philosophy by the expression ‘the world is your oyster’, even though I personally prefer ‘the world is yours’. At least, that’s what comes to my mind when I think about all the universities in which the elders have studied.

As every «Grande Ecole du Droit» student, I have a dreamed destination for my LL.M. year. Throughout these past two years, we have all worked on our LL.M. projects, and things are now getting trickier when it comes to applications …


Santiago Ramirez at the LLM Roadshow © Christophe Rabinovici

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A new project: the GED1 tutoring program

This year, thanks to some motivated members of the association of the Grande Ecole du Droit (AEGED), the first year students benefited from a tutoring program. Indeed, every week during the first semester, a gathering was scheduled in order for the younger students to meet the previous generations and profit from their experience.

In those working sessions, various subjects were tackled. Most of the time, the first part of the class was more theoretical. Thus, the second-year students often explained technical or essential points that may not have been noticed or understood well enough. Then the attention was focused on methodology, which is what teachers need their students to acquire and apply rigorously. This part of the “class” was more practical since the first-year students talked about their personal difficulties regarding methodology and organization. The training session often ended with the second-year students sharing their best piece of advice to the younger and motivating them.

Adèle a new project

Adèle Raulin © Santiago Ramirez

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Learning from the elders

The peculiar program of the Grand École du Droit (GED) encourages its students to choose at an early stage the legal field they want to study later on. Indeed, once we come back from our LLM year, we have to apply for our “Masters 2”, which mean that it’s necessary for us to know very early what we appreciate or not.

However, when you’re a second-year law school student, it’s quite difficult to determine which legal area is interesting or not. Being a GED student means living in the fast lane (, it also means taking important decisions before other students, and this can become confusing.

Fortunately, being a GED student implies benefiting from a cooperation spirit and from an alumni network, which often facilitate our lives. Concerned about our worries and academic guidance, several former GED students came to advise us! Some are still studying (masters 2, bar school …), others have already begun their career, but all of them have endured these 3 years as GED students and lived an LLM experience. Through short meetings of an hour with the current GED students (GED 1, 2 & 3), each of them presented their academic background and the courses that composed their LLM as well as their masters 2. Continue reading

Meeting the Grande Ecole du Droit

On February 13th, the Jean Monnet university welcomed students from different high schools and curious parents willing to discover the courses our university offers. From 10a.m to 7p.m, with the support of two former students and, from 10a.m to 1p.m, with Pr. Véronique Magnier, director of the course, more than thirty students from the “Grande Ecole du Droit”, from every promotion, were happy to answer every single question the potential upcoming students had, and reminded them of the opportunities this excellent diploma provides.

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