Being part of a group

On September 18th 2015, the GED students gathered at the Tour First for the annual meeting with our partner EY. It was a new beginning that had a déjà vu feeling. For the older ones it was the start of another year and for the youngest, a smooth but enlightening way to discover a unique aspect of La Grande Ecole du Droit.


A warm welcome to the first year GED students with a home-baked cake.

The GED is an ever-changing structure thanks to the arrival of new students : each year more and more undergraduates choose the GED among the innumerable possibilities of APB (Admission Post Bac). The GED is growing and so is the importance and the need to have a stronger and cohesive team spirit. In order to strengthen our group dynamic, we honored a tradition established by our seniors: organizing events to welcome and integrate the GED1.

In this logic, the well-known GED freshers’ day has significantly been lengthened to a freshers’ week-end from September 25th to 26th (also called the WEI). The WEI took place in the Aube. Far away from Sceaux and its academic atmosphere. It is a way to enjoy each other’s company before tackling the huge amount of work given by October. Cheerful atmosphere, obstacle races, songs,… a whole week-end to discover each other and to reassert the bonds between the different years of the GED. Some students of the Law and Economy courses of Assas were also there to dance and sing with us. It was not just an occasion to get to know each other but also a way to discover our students’ secret talents.


GED students enjoying an activity during the WEI.

Then came freshers’ night that concluded this two weeks of integration.


Some GED students at the first WEI.

The will to integrate new GED students can also be seen in our every day lives. We remain a group that shows everyday its cohesion. For instance, the tutorial system has been reinstated this year to enable dialogue between the different promotions of the GED.

Being part of group, feeling integrated… Here are some examples of goals that we want to achieve with success.

Information collected by Elise Wagner
Written by Juliette Tironneau

Everyone remembers their first time.

For the Grande Ecole du Droit, it was the weekend of September 25th. This first WEI (Integration Week-End) was not only a success from an organizational point of view but also regarding the welcoming atmosphere. The holiday cottage, located in the region of Aube, as well as the mean of transport (coach) had been booked by Manon Bourdin (a second year student).

The setting was perfect for a chilled-out stay: a river, a wood, horses (the cottage was actually an equestrian centre). To cut a long story short: nature was surrounding us. The Association’s bureau spared no expense on food, or at least no one was thirsty… “What do the people want? Bread and circuses”: well, the first year students were well served. Indeed, a lot of “traditional” activities were put in place such as: a beret, an obstacle course, a musical quiz, a dance show off…

However this WEI’s success is not only due to the effective integration of the freshers but also to the alliance the Grande Ecole du Droit and the Bi-cursus Droit-Economie of Assas. Few of them were with us, but still, a bunch of courageous students from the Parisian Law University came in order to celebrate the beginning of the school year (for students, any event is an excuse for celebration).

In the end, this year started in a very exciting way for everyone: the GED1 discovered their mates, the GED2 discovered their little protégés and the GED3 are enjoying their last time in France before living for their LL.M next year.

By Tom Guelimi

Summer job panic

May 2014, panic time. It’s end of year one at the Grande Ecole du Droit. The results are just in. I remember getting the email announcing we could collect our grades, I remember queuing (or getting in the line, as the Americans would say) to get mine. It turned out, at my great relief, that I was good enough to stay. That was a relief: the last thing I wanted to do was to re-sit any of the exams. Why? Obviously I wanted to be on holiday, but I also wanted to get a job.


Emma (second from the right) with other second year Grande Ecole du Droit students at the integration day – September 2014

I have to admit I had gone to a few Parisians shop with my CV late-winter, however I was turned down by all because I was too early and/or only wanted to work for a month (most employers need students available for two whole months). I had summer plans, so working for two months was not an option. This brings us back to the difficulty of receiving my exam results: no re-sits for me, but also no job (it had do be one or the other). Panic: I had put research for a job aside while working for the finals. As a student, let’s be honest, money is an issue. Of course, if a lawyer had offered me a work placement, I would have accepted with great delight, even without being paid! However, this was not the case. I needed a summer job, and paid by preference. As any desperate person would do in a similar situation, I started contacting family members …

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A GED1 interview : Flora Boillaut

  • How did you discover the GED?

Very early, I knew my future job would imply the English language in order to be capable of studying abroad, and then, living abroad. I decided to gather information about law studies since I am a literary person who loves to write and argue. However, I wanted a university course which stands out, so I searched all the different possibilities to study law. I found double degrees that allowed me to both learn law and develop a high level of English thanks to a magazine which listed available courses. I immediately understood that this totally fitted my expectations and I went deeper into my research until I found the Grande Ecole du Droit on the Jean Monnet University’s website.


Flora Boillaut (GED1) performing at the Lysias competition in March 2015 – © Christophe Rabinovici

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He talks about the Grande Ecole du Droit and his LLM experience – Maxime François

Témoignage de Maxime François, 1ère promotion GED, LLM à Bristol (Angleterre) et actuellement en M2 CAMARC (Contentieux, Arbitrage et Modes Alternatifs de Règlement des Conflits) – Paris II Panthéon Assas

After the French A-Levels obtained in 2009 with Merits, I applied to the GED formation which has been just created. Being an internationalist altogether with abilities in English, I thought this could worth it even if I did not know anything about the law, but my adventurous side took over!

LLM Maxime

Maxime during his LLM Graduation ceremony

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