A day to change 30 destinies

This year marked for the Grande Ecole du Droit a key point in the evolution of the selection process of its future first-year students. Indeed, Professor Véronique Magnier, head of the course, decided to create a new step in this selection by setting up an admission day, where candidates would be auditioned. Thus, they would be selected, not only on the criterion of their academic results, but also thanks to their personality and their motivation. Encouraged by Professor Magnier, a small group of four second-year students took the gamble to organize this special day.


Professor Véronique Magnier, head of the « GED » © Christophe Rabinovici

Organization of the oral interviews day

Everything began when Erwann asked us if we would be motivated to organize this admission day in the context of the class «Gestion de Projet», taught by Maître Stephane Baller, partner lawyer at EY Société d’Avocats. Although we were aware that it would be far from easy to make the day perfect, we never expected such an amount of work for the preparation. Indeed, about 120 high-school pupils were expected to be auditioned. This meant a lot of preparation, mostly administrative procedures: renting classrooms and amphitheaters, opening access to the parking of the Faculty and mailing the convocations.

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A new project: the GED1 tutoring program

This year, thanks to some motivated members of the association of the Grande Ecole du Droit (AEGED), the first year students benefited from a tutoring program. Indeed, every week during the first semester, a gathering was scheduled in order for the younger students to meet the previous generations and profit from their experience.

In those working sessions, various subjects were tackled. Most of the time, the first part of the class was more theoretical. Thus, the second-year students often explained technical or essential points that may not have been noticed or understood well enough. Then the attention was focused on methodology, which is what teachers need their students to acquire and apply rigorously. This part of the “class” was more practical since the first-year students talked about their personal difficulties regarding methodology and organization. The training session often ended with the second-year students sharing their best piece of advice to the younger and motivating them.

Adèle a new project

Adèle Raulin © Santiago Ramirez

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The afterworks are back !

Afterwork © Christophe Rapinovici

The GED students at the afterwork © Christophe Rabinovici

Last tests are being made on the microphone. Latercomers tiptoe into the room. It’s time for everyone to take a seat. It’s time for the first afterwork of 2016 to start. The afterworks are becoming a custom for the GED student. It’s an evening to meet and exchange with professionals. Of course, an afterwork wouldn’t be complete without a buffet where the students can learn the value of networking. But the concept itself underwent some transformations. Five GED students (Opale Malet, Manon Bourdin, Chloé Dumont, Flora Boillaut and myself) indeed worked on the afterworks project for several months in order to get it back on feet again.

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Building a project: RunAssceaux

Vaincre la Mucoviscidose” is an organization my family has always financially supported, yet never really been a part of: it is a five-decade-old organization whose aim is to fund cystic fibrosis research and help cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. In France, CF is the most common genetic disease: the number of CF patients is estimated at 6.800. When Me Stéphane Baller, co-director of our diploma and partner at EY Société d’avocats, encouraged us to build a project from scratch, I was glad to have the opportunity to encourage solidarity. Our Grande Ecole du Droit Degree is well known locally for the strong solidarity between “GEDy warriors” students (as our dear professor M. Einbinder calls us). Fellow students and dear friends joined me in this project: our team was born, and I will forever be grateful to Mai, Anne-Isabelle and Mayeul, for creating together a project so close to my heart.

Our team was easily brought together, yet you might not have bet a coin on us back in 2014: we are all very different (a blond violinist dreaming of Singapore, a Vietnamese Alumni President hooked on Harvey Specter from Suits, a ginger-beard fiscal specialist, and myself, a Media Law, cooking and shoe passionate). We all individually wanted to help an organization. Indeed, although you could consider our workload to be quite important, it is important for students to find time for other things, such as sport, music, cooking … Our “thing” for 2015 was the RunAssceaux project.

The place of the event : Parc de Sceaux

The place of the event : Parc de Sceaux

Our project was as follows.

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During our second year at GED, we are lucky to profit from a really interesting partnership with the world known brand Ernst & Young. That partnership gives us the opportunity to attend a project management class with Maitre Baller, who is in charge of Partner-Marketing Enablement, Sourcing & Employer Brand at EY.

Besides the prestige of EY and our excellent teacher, the class offers us a really interesting program. Indeed, even though most of us have already been involved in an important project, we never had the opportunity to work with professional tools in a professional context. Thanks to that class, we will improve some skills and abilities that would be very useful in our future career.

Project gestion

© Christophe Rabinovici
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