I, Avrile Floro, created this Blog because it seemed primordial to me to have a mean of communication in English. Indeed, one of our formation’s purposes is to train us to be perfectly fluent and operational in English.

Managing the blog is really a great experience because it makes us meet a lot of people that we will not meet otherwise. Even if it is sometimes very challenging, handling that blog is very enriching. I believe I am able to speak in the whole team’s name when I say that it is an amazing adventure. It drives us everyday to go further and if we need to communicate in an effective manner it is because without it the blog would not be able to survive.

Mahaut Dufour really provides me a valuable help by preparing with me the interviews we need to do, writing numerous articles and assisting me very closely in each step of the blog.

Our project is also an intergenerational project because we really want to work with people from older promotions or younger ones. This is not only an option, this is a lot more, this is an obligation. To show properly how the Grande Ecole du Droit changes our way of life (and the way we percept it also), we need to gather the most testimonies possible from all the people involved.

Avrile Floro

Mahaut et moi 12033124_1188313894516737_7842541996873069747_n3742_1232527483428711_5783678100006901394_n
Creators : Avrile Floro (left) and Mahaut Dufour (right) – photos by Christophe Rabinovici
Editorial manager and head of review committee : Emma LaudinatIn charge of photography : Santiago Ramirez

Contributors 2013-2014 : 

  • GED 1 : Emma Laudinat, Mathieu Mestre, Clémence Lamy
  • GED 2 : Coline Vériaux
  • GED 3 : Alexandre Rodde
  • Former GED students : Caroline Franquet, Maxime Vezirian

Contributors 2014-2015 : 

  • GED 1 : Tom Guélimi, Juliette Tironneau et Elise Wagner
  • GED 2 : Emma Laudinat, Clémence Lamy, Inès Rodriguez, Juliette Musso, Raphaelle Ludomir
  • GED 3 : Avrile Floro, Baya Hariche

Contributors 2015-2016 : 

  • GED 1 : Nina Vnr, Lucile Dego, Augustin de Crécy, Melody André
  • GED 2 : Tom Guélimi, Juliette Tironneau et Elise Wagner, Héloïse Vigouroux
  • GED 3 : Emma Laudinat, Mayeul Lelièvre, Anne-Isabelle Legouy, Mélissa Vinçon, Elena Auclair, Mai Le Van, Clémence Lamy
  • Former GED students : Maher Hachem, Maxime François Vezirian, Fanny Roussel, Gaëlle Benoist, Claire Coutoula, Baya Hariche

Contributors 2016-2017 :

  • GED 2 : Melody André
  • GED 3 : Héloïse Vigouroux

Contributors 2016-2017 :

  • GED 2 : Melody André
  • GED 3 : Héloïse Vigouroux

Contributors 2017-2018 :

  • GED1 : Audrey Ailloud, Guillaume Huan, Ghislena Ly, Jasmine Merdji-Larue, Eléonore Schmautz
  • GED 2 : Claire-Emeline Auduc, Benjamin Bienert , Juliette Perrotin, Christophe Rabinovici, Mathilde Thibault

Contributors 2018-2019 :

  • GED 1 : Domitille Lecorbeiller, Jeanne Tabey
  • GED 2 : Agathe Ardisson, Valentine Labaume
  • GED 3 : Mathieu Gruson, Noémie Legrand

Contributors 2019-2020 :

  • GED 2 : Marine Bascop
  • GED 3 : Lizy Kim

Contributors 2020-2021 :

  • GED 1 : Sarah Insdorf, Clémence Vénitien
  • GED 3 : Marine Bascop

Contributors 2021-2022 :

  • GED 1 : Livia Labelle
  • GED 2 : Sarah Insdorf, Clémence Vénitien
  • GED 3 : Diala Otmane

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